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Clear Up Yeast Infection Fast

How to clear up yeast infection fast

For those who are suffering from a yeast infection, they should know that it’s actually caused by fungus called Candida albicans.

It might be hard for people to cope with it, especially if it’s the first time they get it, but they don’t need to worry in this regard, because in the following paragraphs this article will take a closer look at how to clear up yeast infection fast.

  • Probiotics

Yogurt seems to be a very effective cure for those suffering from yeast infections, and that is due to the fact that it contains a special type of bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus. This is found in its natural state in the vagina and the digestive tract. That is why if people will eat yogurt that contains these probiotics, they will be taking the right step to ensuring that their yeast infection is kept under control.

However, it might be that people are already suffering from one such infection and if that is the case, then they should insert curds or yogurt into their vagina 1 or 2 times daily. This will help a lot with getting rid of the fungus which is responsible for the infection. People should continue to use yogurt even a few days after their symptoms are gone.

  • Cranberries

When people consider cranberries for their problem, they will basically help them with lowering their body’s pH level, which is a great way for flushing bacteria from their system. They should be aware though that this is a pretty mild solution so it’s better to use it if they have a mild case of yeast infection rather than a full blown one. Cranberries can be found in the form of supplements, unsweetened cranberry juice or people can also incorporate them in their daily diet.

  • Boric acid

People will definitely need to consider using boric acid in the form of vaginal suppositories if they want to get rid of their yeast infection fast. Even if individuals suffer from a severe yeast infection, this effective treatment will definitely help them out with curing it.

Thus, in order to make a suppository from this type of acid, people should buy some capsules and then have them filled with six hundred mg of boric acid. Once inserted in the vagina, the capsules (bought from local pharmacies) will melt and allow for the boric acid to do its job. These suppositories should be used every night and a few nights more after the symptoms have gone away.

  • Apple cider vinegar

This solution is definitely great for various types of elements like those which involve pH and bacteria problems. Because it helps with balancing the pH, it’s really effective against bacteria. By using cotonballs, individuals should just dab some on the affected areas until the symptoms will go away.

For an improved antiseptic effect, people may also add some fresh garlic, as this will definitely improve the efficiency of the treatment. Lastly, individuals should use the apple cider vinegar a few days more after their symptoms subsided.

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