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Cure Thrush by the Natural Way

Thrush is basically a yeast infection that is associated with the outgrowth of a fungus called Candida albicans. Though both men and women are affected by thrush it is more commonly associated with women. It usually affects the mouth, the vagina in women and the head of the penis in men.

Most women experience occasional spells of a common yeast infection called as vaginal thrush which is usually harmless but very uncomfortable and embarrassing. Oral thrush is a common yeast infection that occurs in the mucous membranes of the mouth and causes white lesions on the tongue and inner cheeks.

In men it usually affects the head of the penis and causes pain, inflammation and a lumpy discharge. Thrush which is a troublesome condition can be treated safely, effectively and quickly with simple home remedies.

Treating oral thrush at home

Oral thrush invariably results in an unpleasant taste, inflammation, burning sensation and difficulty in swallowing. The following suggestions may be of immense help during an outbreak of thrush.

  • One should practice excellent oral hygiene by brushing twice a day, flossing once and by replacing tooth brush frequently.
  • Dissolve salt in warm water and swish, rinse and spit in out
  • Prepare an anti-fungal mouth wash by mixing cider vinegar and a pinch of salt in warm water. Use this regularly.
  • Include garlic and onion in your diet regularly as they are packed with natural anti-fungal properties
  • Reduce consumption of sugar and carbohydrates as yeast thrives well in sugar
  • Studies have evidenced that lemon and lemon grass drink is effective in curing oral thrush.
  • A mouth wash with tea tree oil and water can also destroy the bacteria in the mouth.
  • Acidophilus supplements and yogurt contain probiotics and hence can help in curing oral thrush.
  • If you are a breast-feeding mother use a nursing pad to avoid spread of infection to the baby.
  • Avoid consumption of fermented foods as they encourage the growth of fungus
  • Wipe your mouth and tongue with a mixture of baking soda and warm water

Home remedies for vaginal thrush

The following are effective for the itchy and painful vaginal thrush characterized by irritation and swelling of the vulvular region.

  • Thoroughly dry the vaginal area after showering and swimming as fungus thrives in moist areas
  • Make a fine paste with garlic and apply topically for a couple of days till the problem disappears
  • Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic agent. Add a few drops of this oil to your bath
  • Wear breathable cotton panties and keep the affected area cool and dry.
  • You can offer symptomatic relief by washing the affected area with plain water. Avoid harsh soaps, bath gels and deodorants.
  • Drink cranberry juice which is believed to possess amazing anti-bacterial powers
  • Apply yogurt to the affected area or simply douche by diluting it in warm water
  • Douching the vaginal area with vinegar also works well in providing relief for vaginal thrush.
  • Add boric acid to a bath tub with warm water and sit in it for 10 to 15 minutes so that your vaginal area is exposed to the boric acid water.
  • Vaginal thrush can also be cured by implementing dietary and lifestyle changes. Avoid consumption of sugary foods and fast foods.
  • Refrain from alcohol and smoking. This ultimately speeds up the curing process
  • Include yeast-free foods in your diet like healthy proteins, whole grains and non-starchy vegetables

Home remedies for treating thrush in babies

Thrush in babies usually result in white paneer or curd like patches in and around the mouth area. This is due to the increase in the Candida levels in your baby’s mouth.

  • Rinse your baby’s mouth after each feeding with water that is boiled and cooled thoroughly
  • Application of Gentian violet to your baby’s mouth can cure the infection.
  • Mix sodium bi -carbonate in water and with the help of a cotton swab gently apply it to your baby’s mouth.
  • After breastfeeding wash your nipples thoroughly and air- dry them. Remember yeast loves moisture.
  • To avoid infections of any type sterilize pacifiers, toys, teethers, and breast pumps.
  • Grape fruit seed extract which is effective in destroying fungus can be applied on the baby’s mouth and on the mother’s nipples after each feeding.
  • Take some yogurt and smear liberally on the yeast patches on your baby’s mouth. This clears the infection soon.
  • Application of vinegar solution is also a best thrush remedy.

Home remedies for thrush in adults

Although oral thrush is a common ailment in babies, adults are also prone to this problem due to excessive usage of antibiotics and when the person’s immune system is weak.

  • Oil derived from tea tree, clove, lavender and oregano are naturally enriched in antiseptic properties to cure thrush in adults. Any one of these oils can be added to your paste for brushing.
  • Boric acid mixed in water can be used as a mouthwash to gargle your mouth.
  • Apple cider vinegar touted to possess amazing vitamins and minerals can put up a defense mechanism against yeast and clear infection quickly.
  • Application of virgin coconut oil on the affected area with a cotton swab is an excellent home remedy for treating thrush.
  • Brush twice a day and replace brush as and when needed
  • Grape fruit extract is also a potent anti-fungal agent that provides immense relief from thrush.
  • Smear yogurt gently on the thrush patches in and around your mouth
  • Baking soda is an active agent that assures good relief from yeast infections. Mix baking soda in water and rinse your mouth thoroughly till the infection disappears.

Home remedies for penile thrush

Penile yeast infection is a common ailment encountered by the male population where pain, itching and inflammation are localized at the head of the penis.

  • The first and foremost thing to cure penile thrush is to keep the penile skin dry and clean.
  • It is advisable to wear cotton under wear and one should change wet bathing suits immediately after showering or swimming.
  • Do not use soaps, scented detergents and genital cleansing products. Use plain warm water to clean the affected area.
  • Include yogurt that contains live Lactobacillus to prevent thrush on account of yeast infection
  • Reduce stress of any kind and keep your bloods sugar levels under control

Home treatment for male thrush

Male yeast infection is characterized by redness and irritation of the head of the penis, burning sensation while urinating, uncontrollable itching and blisters on the head of the penis. It can be cured with the following home remedies.

  • Yogurt can be used internally or externally to curb the yeast growth.
  • Garlic which is loaded with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties consumed regularly can clear infection.
  • Consumption of cranberry juice and coconut oil also treats the infection effectively and quickly.
  • Application of aloe vera gel prevents recurrence of yeast infection.
  • Honey is an excellent cure for male thrush. It can be applied on the affected area to restore the pH balance in the body.

Thrush on account of yeast infection is an unpleasant and irritating problem. However it can be cured effectively with natural home remedies without any harmful side effects.

Incorporating a well-balanced nutritious diet and implementing a few lifestyle changes can go a long way in providing relief for yeast infection thrush.

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