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Does Yeast Infection Cause Pain During Urination

An Insight Into Whether Yeast Infection Can Cause Painful Urination

Painful urination is an indication that something is wrong. It is indeed a matter of serious concern.

Anyone can experience painful urination but it is more commonly seen in women. Painful urination or Dysuria describes any pain, discomfort or burning sensation at the time of passing urine.

There are numerous conditions that contribute to pain during urination and many of these require immediate medical evaluation and treatment.

Painful urination is generally a sign of urinary tract infection but it can even occur when you have a yeast infection, particularly vaginal yeast infection.

If you are confronted with yeast infection and a painful urination you have to approach your doctor immediately for medical assistance.

How to identify that the painful urination is due to yeast infection?

Painful urination in women can be a result of vaginal infection or inflammation of the vagina.

Yeast infection causes itchiness in and around the vulvular region. This intense itchiness is generally accompanied by a burning sensation as the vulvular area is already inflamed, red and swollen. This will obviously result in a burning and painful sensation while urinating.

To identify that the burning sensation is due to the onset of yeast infection one has to closely observe where the burning exactly starts and ceases. In a yeast infection the burning and stinging pain during urination occurs when the acidic urine hits the already irritated and inflamed vulva.

Causes for painful urination in yeast infections

If you suffer from a yeast infection and a painful urination you should immediately opt for a clinical test at the earliest in order to detect the yeast contagion in the vagina.

  • The common signs of yeast infection of the vagina are extreme itching or irritation of the vulva, vulvular soreness and redness and swelling of the vaginal tissues.
  • A rash on the outer lips of the vagina combined with soreness can cause painful urination. Yes, the already inflamed and bulged vagina will definitely result in an exceptional burning sensation while urination.
  • As the acid laden urine passes through the reddened vaginal zone it is inevitable that the person will experience a burning sensation.

If you happen to encounter a stinging and caustic experience of yeast infection painful urination it is advisable to resort to natural remedies or seek medical help without delay.

Treatment for burning sensation during urination in yeast infections

Home remedies work wonders in not only relieving the symptoms of yeast infection but also in providing relief for pain during urination.

  • Drinking a glass of cranberry juice daily can bring some relief for painful urination during an attack of yeast infection.
  • Rubbing plain yogurt in and around the vagina can heal the infection and create a soothing effect for the burning sensation.
  • Avoid sugary items, spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol as they aggravate the burning feeling.
  • Avoid using scented feminine care products as the chemicals may cause a reaction and result in an extremely painful urination during a yeast infection.
  • It is recommended that you maintain excellent genital hygiene.
  • Organic tea tree oil acclaimed for its amazing anti-bacterial properties can be poured on a tampon and inserted into the vagina to ease pain or burning sensation during urination.
  • You may also be sensitive to chemicals contained in douches, soaps, vaginal lubricants, scented toilet paper or contraceptive foams. It is better to avoid these if you experience painful urination.

Painful urination is a serious symptom of a nasty yeast infection. It will usually clear up if you implement any of these above mentioned natural home remedies. If not you ought to see a doctor to receive proper diagnosis and medical care.

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