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How Can Baths Cause Yeast Infections?

Bath can cuase yeast infection

Bath can cuase yeast infection

Yeast infections can be the cause of some pain and discomfort and also embarrassing for the person with the infection. Even women with healthy vaginas can commonly carry yeast in the vaginal area.  The yeast can cause an infection and it will need to be treated accordingly. When it comes to men, yeast infection occurrences aren’t as common but this still does happen.  The infection in women can be caused because of too much amount of yeast in the vaginal area or from exposure to new yeast the body isn’t able to fight off. There are many things that can cause yeast infections.


Bath Product and Yeast Infections

Scented products are a common cause for people who suffer from yeast infections. This could be scented tampons, laundry detergents, feminine wipes, lotions, pads and more. The bath tub is a very common place that will cause people to develop yeast infections, and this is very common in children. Using a scented soap, bubble bath, shampoo or other product while you’re in the tub can cause irritation which will result in a yeast infection. The hotter the tub water is the more easily you could pick up the condition. Hot tubs are especially prone to spreading yeast infections because the yeast like to grow in the warm temperature.

The symptoms of a yeast infection are very easy to recognize. Most women will notice a thick and clumpy discharge in their underwear, and it most likely won’t have an odor. The vagina area may be swollen and itchy as well, or the person may experience a burning sensation. Discomfort during sexual intercourse has also been noted. Treating this problem is going to depend on the cause of the infection. Often, a topical ointment that can be purchased from the store is suitable for someone to get rid of the infection, and also for assisting with the discomfort.

Sometimes prescription medications are necessary for people who have reoccurring infections, and drugs like Diflucan are taken orally by the patient. Finding the cause of the yeast infection is also a way to treat the problem. Getting hypoallergenic soaps and lotions, wearing cotton underwear and loose fitting underwear, and changing out of wet swimsuits are ways to avoid developing yeast infections. Avoiding douches or other scented products that go into the vagina is also recommended by physicians. Although most women won’t get more than one yeast infection a year it’s important to monitor your body and get treatment if you have any concern.

Yeast infections can be very irritating and also embarrassing for anyone and if you’re a male or female who have this condition, try the over the counter options for treatment right away. The antifungal creams to treat yeast infections are affordable and easy to apply. Avoid baths if you think that this is the source of your yeast infection or if you think that this is causing a yeast infection for your child. If this problem continues don’t hesitate to call your doctor to find a long term treatment option to try today.

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