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How Long After Treatment Is Yeast Infection Gone

Yeast infection can occur in the kids, women and men. It can affect the vagina, skin, intestine and penis. The most frequent occurring yeast infection is the vaginal yeast infection. It is generally thought that yeast infection goes away on its own. It is not so. Yeast infection needs treatment to avoid repeated infection. Failure to treat yeast infection may worsen the symptoms and it may lead to spreading of yeast to other parts of the body. Yeast infection may cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment.

Over the counter medications or doctor for yeast infection treatment

Yeast infection may be cured in many ways. It can be treated at home through natural remedies or through over the counter medications. The over the counter medications include both topical creams and oral medicines like Diflucan. Over the counter medications do not have many dangerous side effects, but there is a problem. The symptoms of yeast infection are similar to other STD’s. It is better to go to a doctor and confirm the presence of yeast infection before starting the treatment. A doctor may prescribe medications or recommend other treatments.

Yeast infection not only causes discomfort, but affects the sexual life in the case of vaginal and penile infection. That is the reason why many people who are affected by yeast infection are interested in knowing, ‘how long after treatment is yeast infection gone.’

The answer to this question cannot be given in a few words because it depends upon many factors. Generally, yeast infection can be cured in 5-7 days, but it may take a longer time depending upon the severity of the infection. If it is severe, it may take a longer time.

How Long After Treatment Is Yeast Infection Gone

yeast infection treatment

It also depends upon the after treatment care taken by the patient. It is a proved fact that yeast multiplies more in wet and moist conditions. Yeast infection is recurrent if the infected area is not dry. For example, in case of vaginal infection, the underclothes must be changed frequently. It is better to wear cotton underwear. The wet swimsuit must be removed immediately after a swim. Soaps and douches that have harsh chemicals should be avoided. If these precautions are followed after the treatment, yeast infection can be cured in a week. If the underclothes are wet and the vaginal area is moist, yeast infection may not be cured for weeks or months even after treatment. More over the partner should be given treatment simultaneously for best results.

Natural Home Ramedies for Yeast Infectioin

Natural remedies like eating yogurt may not be helpful in treating the infection, but it prevents yeast recurrent after treatment. It helps in getting rid of yeast quickly after treatment.

Yeast infection is gone soon, if the treatment is started at the early stages. If started early, it takes just 3-7 days for yeast infection to get cured. If the treatment is started after the infection gets worsened, it may take more than two weeks or a month for the yeast infection to go away completely. If you want the treatment to work, say NO to sugary foods and foods that contain yeast.

The answer for the question, ‘how long after treatment is yeast infection gone’ varies from one person to another. A fast recovery is in your hands.

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