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How Long for a Yeast Infection to Clear Up After Treatment?

Suffering from a yeast infection is a tormenting pain. If you wonder, how long it will take for a yeast infection to clear up after it has been treated effectively?

The answer is, with the technological advancement in science and medicine treating yeast infection is a breeze.

However the time period taken for the symptoms to disappear completely varies with the cause for infection, intensity of infection, infected area, lifestyle behavior of the afflicted person and the treatment methods adopted.


How long does a yeast infection last for?

It is an inevitable fact that every individual’s experience with yeast infection is different. There is no hard and fast rule. The symptoms and the afflicted area vary from one individual to another and hence there is no precise time duration for the infection to last. It may take days, weeks, months or even years to cure for some people. However, in the case of normal people yeast infections heal completely within a week’s time. This indeed depends on a few factors.

  • If you have a strong immune system the yeast infections last only for a few days. On the other hand if you have poor immunity and resistance power then the infection could even last up to a week or so till it completely resolves.
  • When yeast infection strikes you can opt for home remedies to get relief from the symptoms. However if the symptoms have not subsided even after a week’s time then it is advisable to seek the doctor’s advice for over-the-counter medications to clear the fungal infection. These medications are targeted to resolve the problem in a matter of three to seven days’ time.
  • No matter what you do if you are not able to cure and get rid of the yeast infection it may be an indication that you have failed to analyze the root cause of the problem. In such a case whatever treatment you resort to the infection will not go away.
  • If you leave a yeast infection untreated you may notice the symptoms subsiding. The rashes may clear up and the itching may stop. However this is only a temporary one and the symptoms may erupt again after a week’s time. Remember failure to treat an infection completely may result in repeated episodes of infection. Curing the root cause of the infection will prevent frequent recurrence.
  • While using yeast infection treatment pills and anti-fungal creams people start noticing visible improvements in a couple of days even if the infection has not completely gone. Depending upon the severity of the infection you need to continue using the medications till the symptoms completely disappear and the infection clears up.
  • When treating a yeast infection there are certain ways to speed up the healing process. Implementing dietary changes like avoiding sugary foods and fermented foods can go a long way in healing quickly and effectively. Remember these foods can aggravate the yeast infection. One should also avoid wearing of tight fitting under garments. Moreover if the yeast infection is caused on account of taking antibiotic drugs then it might take a bit longer for the yeast infection to subside.

Yeast infections can be treated with simple home remedies or with the help of over-the-counter medications. If the symptoms do not improve within a week’s time it is advisable to approach the doctor for further examination as it might be a sign of other potential health problems.

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