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How Long to Use Yogurt for Yeast Infection ?

There is no debate about yogurt being a very effective form of treatment for yeast infection, both a first time occurrence or a recurrent one. The big question over the years has remained how long to use yogurt for yeast infection treatment? There is no definite answer for this important question. The truth of the matter is that it all depends on the intensity of one’s infection and how soon the problem gets arrested.

That essentially says one thing. When it comes to using yogurt as a method of treatment for thrush and general yeast infections, the sooner an infected person acts, the faster the infection will go away.

Different Causes of Yeast Infection

Many people expect that there is a one size fits all for this answer but everyone is different. Each and every person’s body is different and for some there may be some aggravating factors that would otherwise cause the use of yogurt to be ineffective in how it works.


For instance when a person has a chronic disease such as diabetes it means that they are predisposed to having high amounts of sugar in their blood. It is just the nature of the disease that it will cause one’s blood sugar to be higher. This can happen even when the diabetic is watching their diet and all. Sometimes the high amounts of sugar is out of the control. That said, high amounts of sugar means that the yeast in the body has more sugar to feed on and this causes the yeast to overpopulate causing yeast infections.


For most people though yeast infections come as a result of the rampant use of antibiotics. Ideally antibiotics are prescribed by a doctor to help the body kill disease causing organisms but when they are absorbed into the body they end up destroying even organisms that are deemed beneficial and good. When they kill such organisms that otherwise work to protect the body and keep the Candida albicans also known as yeast under control, the yeast is free to multiply and they do this very fast, and this overgrowth is what results into a yeast infection.

How Does Yogurt Treat Yeast Infections?

It does this in two ways.
1. It introduces beneficial bacteria into the body. These beneficial bacteria are what is responsible for fighting yeast. This results in the restoration of the amounts of bacteria within to body to normal levels. The good bacteria in yogurt is the one that is responsible for fermenting milk into yogurt.
2. Yogurt when eaten or applied on the affected area creates acidic conditions which is a hostile environment for yeast to survive and reproduce in. That lowers the amounts of yeast in the body and hereby treating a yeast infection in due course.

The yogurt is introduced into the body in many ways. It can be eaten or taken as a part of a meal or can be applied on the affected area or even inserted into a woman’s vagina. All these methods get the good or beneficial bacteria where they are needed the most and sometimes both methods can be used together to achieve maximum results which is clearing the yeast infection in the shortest possible time. It is worth to mention here that not just any yogurt works for yeast infections treatment. Plain yogurt is the recommended choice and that means it should be free of sugars, flavors and colorings. Plain yogurt contains live cultures and this can be seen on the container or packaging.

How Long to Use Yogurt for Yeast Infection?

Every person has a preference as to which method they deem most effective when using yogurt as a treatment for yeast infections. As said earlier ingesting it and applying or inserting it to the affected area can be used together or on their own.

How long it will take to work depends on how soon one starts to use the yogurt. Most people who say they have seen yogurt work will tell you that they started to use it at the first sign of an itch. Yogurt is not a magic cure that works just one day after it it used. Far from that.

When using yogurt as a food to compliment your daily meals, it is best advised that you have a glass two times a day. Preferably in the morning and in the evening for as long as you have the yeast infection. This method works for both men and women.

For women that prefer to use it as a douche, it should be applied or inserted into the vagina two to three hours of every day for a week after which you can check to see if there is any difference. If there is none, perhaps it is best to talk to a qualified doctor about the problem.

Men affected by thrush can also apply yogurt on the affected area before they sleep for a week and check for any improvements every day of the week.

Though most yeast infections eventually go away on their own, your input can make them go away much faster and help in avoiding a recurrence of the same.

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