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How Much Yogurt Should I Eat For A Yeast Infection ?

All humans want to live in healthy conditions. Nobody ever enjoys being sick but unfortunately it happens once in a while. There are various reasons as to why one may end up getting infections. This is associated with the different types of vectors. These include bacteria, fungus and viruses. All these vectors thrive when the hygienic conditions are poor. Getting an infection will seriously interfere with daily routines.

A Yeast Infection and Its Cause

One of the infections that are known to make people uncomfortable is yeast infection. This is also referred to as candidiasis and it is caused by a yeast that is referred to as Candida albicans. There are several conditions that known to make it convenient for yeast cells to multiply to the point of causing an infection. When one dresses up in clothing that creates hot and wet conditions around the skin the yeast cells are bound to accumulate to dangerous levels.

One can also get yeast infections from coming into contact with someone who has been infected. This can either be through sexual intercourse or even sharing clothing with someone who is already infected. Antibiotics also have a role to play as far as yeast infections are concerned. When one becomes sick to the point of being given antibiotics by the doctor, there are cases whereby the antibiotics get rid of all bacteria including the beneficial ones. This reduces the immunity levels of the body and makes one vulnerable to yeast infections.

Symptoms of Yeast Infection

There are several symptoms that tend to be associated with yeast infections and these differ depending on the gender and age of the person experiencing the infection.

Babies may get it in the form of diaper rash, or even oral thrush both of which can be traced down to negligence on the part of the caregiver.

Women are the most vulnerable because of the fact that they tend to experience hormonal fluctuation especially during pregnancy. They may get it in the form of vaginal thrush where they start experiencing some irritation from the vagina. They may also start getting some discharge from the vagina which may result in a foul smell.

Men experience it in the form of swelling of the tip of the penis which may make them feel uncomfortable when having sex. It generally displays symptoms in the form of red patches on the skin which can be very itchy and irritating. The fact that these symptoms are quite visible can affect the way one relates with other people with some people using it as an excuse not to get into relationships. There is thus a need to come up with ways of treating it.

Yogurt and Yeast Infection Treatment

One of the remedies that can be used in the treatment of yeast infections is yogurt. You are probably thinking, how much yogurt should I eat for a yeast infection? We should probably look at how it works for us to be able to get a clearer picture.

Yogurt is basically milk that has been fermented by the use of bacteria. It plays a good role when it comes to the treatment of yeast infections. For starters, one can take the yogurt in a bid to help to introduce beneficial bacteria into the body. These bacteria have a symbiotic relationship with the body in that they survive by feeding from the body. The body benefits because the bacteria help in fighting yeast cells that may cause yeast infections. They help in boosting the immunity levels of the body because it also produces some antibodies in response to the bacteria that have been introduced into the body. This naturally puts the body at an alert phase helping it deal with all infections that may attack the body.

One can also apply some of the yogurt directly into the vagina to help in cleaning it up. It also increases the acidity levels of the body and this prevents the yeast from being able to multiply. There is no amount of yogurt that can be said to be the right one as far as treatment for yeast infections is concerned and one is just required to take it as often as possible.

Yeast infection is amongst the conditions that are known to make people very uncomfortable. This is one of the reasons why getting a means of treating it is very important. Yogurt is one of the home remedies that are used to help treating the condition though there is no particular amount that is recommended for the treatment to be effective.

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