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Over The Counter Medicine For Male Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection

There different forms of infection that are known to attack the human body making people very uncomfortable. They are caused by different types of vectors which include viruses, bacteria and fungus. These vectors become threats because of hazardous environments that make it easier for them to be able to multiply and attack the body. One of the factors that can be considered to be dangerous in terms of causing infection in human beings is yeasts. One of the yeasts that cause infections in people is Candida albicans. Yeast infection is also referred to as Candidiasis.

Yeast infections are known to affect all humans regardless of their age or gender. From babies, to women, all the way to men. Men can get it from female partners mainly when they have sexual intercourse with someone who is already infected. They can also get it as a result of sharing clothing with people who are infected. Wearing tight clothing which traps moisture as well as creating hot and moist conditions around the skin can also trigger infection.

Symptoms of Yeast Infection in Men

The infection manifests itself in different ways when it comes to men.

It may be present in the form of oral thrush which causes reddening of the tongue as well as white patches inside the mouth. There are times when white patches line the throat or lip area.

There are some who start getting red patches with a rash on the skin. This is itchy and can make one very uncomfortable. They feel the urge to scratch especially with the constant irritation that comes with cases of increased temperatures.

There are also instances whereby multiplication of the yeast cells may result in swelling of the tip of the penis in men. This is very uncomfortable and it can make one feel irritated when passing urine or even during sexual intercourse.

The fact that the infection exhibits visible symptoms may affect the way one relates with other people especially if they are single and are looking to get into a relationship. This creates a need for one to get a way of curing the infections so that they can be able to lead a normal life. When it comes to cure for this condition, one can get over the counter medicine for male yeast infection.

Over The Counter Medications

There are different over the counter medications that can be used in the cure of yeast infections.

One such medication is Monistat. It usually shows on its labels that it is for fungal infections on the vagina but it can also be used to great effect by the men. What makes it effective is the fact that it has anti-fungal properties that are important when it comes to treating yeast infections. Its action is not limited to women alone and it can also be applied over the penis when a male is suffering from yeast infection. One applies the cream directly over the part of the penis that is affected. It can get rid of the infection after a continuous use of the medication for around a week. It can be applied either as a cream or a spray on daily basis after cleaning up and one should also ensure that they change their underwear on daily basis.

There are also some oral medications that one can take to help in curing cases where they have oral thrush.

An example is Nystatin which are oral drops that can be dropped directly on the tongue or through the nostrils to help counter the yeast infections that affect the mouth or even the throat lining. This helps in cleaning up the oral and throat lining when used over a period of time. One of the benefits that is associated with this medication is that it helps in improving the oral hygiene which reduces cases of suffering from bad breath as well as preventing other infections from occurring in the mouth due to bad hygiene standards.

Another type of over the counter medication that can be used to treat yeast infections is Fluconazole. It has anti-fungal properties that are known to help in treating this condition.

Other medication that can be obtained over the counter are creams such as clotrimazole, butoconazole and miconazole which also have anti-fungal properties. They are applied over the skin for a period of time until the yeast infection is cleared.

Yeast infection is a condition that is known to make people very uncomfortable but thanks to over the counter medication, one can be able to treat it.

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