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The Best Treatment for External Yeast Infections

When suffering from an external yeast infection or when you’re worried you may have this type of vaginal condition, it’s important to understand the problem and to get the best treatment for external yeast infection symptoms. Yeast is a fungus that is found on many different areas of the body and on the skin, and many healthy women will carry yeast in the vaginal area without knowing it. There are also times when the yeast will cause an infection in the vagina, and this is what is commonly referred to as a vaginal yeast infection or vaginitis. Vaginitis means inflammation of the vagina and it’s caused by the yeast.

This often occurs when a new type of yeast is introduced to the skin on the vagina, or when there are large amounts of yeast in that area. If there is damage to the skin in this area, or if there is an immunological problem in the women, the yeast can develop easily and cause infection because the body doesn’t have the proper restraints to fight against it. Pregnancy and other conditions can also intensify the chance of getting a vaginal yeast infection. This condition is not considered to be a sexually transmitted disease (STD), however men can also develop the symptoms on the penis.

The most common symptoms that women will notice that may alert her of having vaginitis is, burning, a vaginal discharge that is thick and clumpy without odor, soreness or pain during sexual intercourse.  Many cases are diagnosed easily by seeing the discharge in the underwear or around the vagina, but some women have to get a test where the doctor will take a sample from the area to view under a microscope. There is also a reoccurring problem of yeast infection in less than 5 percent of women.

The Best Treatment for External Yeast Infections

Treatment for External Yeast Infections

External Yeast Infections Treatment

There are many different topical creams that one can purchase over the counter that will be effective in the treatment of their yeast infection. Clotrimazole, Miconazole and Terconazole are three generic brands of the medication that you can use at home. If the problem doesn’t go away with the use of topical treatments it may be necessary to go to see a doctor. The doctor can prescribe and oral antibiotic to take to get rid of the infection. For most women a prescription will be needed with the infection that is caused by a STD like chlamydia or gonorrhea. Women who are pregnant should consult a physician before using anything.

The best treatment for external yeast infections is going to be an over the counter option or topical cream. This is going to help with the swelling and soreness that is caused by bacterial infection and it will also help get rid of the bad yeast as well. For anyone who suspects that yeast infections are a continual problem, it’s best to seek treatment from a physician to look for a long term treatment option. Ignoring this type of infection or going without treatment can be harmful, so it’s important to attend to the condition right away.

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