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Treat Foreskin Yeast Infection

Tips on how to treat foreskin yeast infection

While some people think that yeast infection is limited to females, they should know that they are very wrong. Men are also susceptible to it and in their case, it’s called balanitis and it affects the genital area.


Recognizing a yeast infection

Men should not rush with finding a treatment for their yeast infection, until they have a clear diagnosis. There are several symptoms that men suffering from a yeast infection will suffer from and they include:

Even though it’s not that common, there are also cases when men may experience having white discharges from the head of their penis.

Causes of yeast infection

  • Yeast is known to naturally thrive in moist and warm environments. However, it seems that men who are circumcised are at a higher risk of developing a yeast infection and that is due to the fact that their penis’ foreskin will generally remain moist. Synthetic clothing and tight fitting underwear which cause perspiration will furthermore increase the chances of the individual to contract a yeast infection.
  • The use of antibiotics has been linked many times with the appearance of yeast infections. Even though they are helpful with killing the bad bacteria in the human body, they cannot distinguish between the useful and bad ones, so they will kill both of them. Once the protective bacteria are destroyed, it will create the perfect venue for Candida yeast to grow unhindered.
  • People should also make sure they take a good look at their diet and stop abusing alcohol and sugar, as these will only increase the chances of a yeast overgrowth in their system. When this happens, yeast infections will immediately start to appear in various areas of the body, like the groin or mouth.

Natural Cures for yeast infections

It seems that most of the times, people will be interested in natural cures when it comes to male foreskin yeast infection. Natural solutions are by far a better alternative than considering other forms of treatment and they also don’t have any side effects men should worry about. To include some of them, they are:

  • First of all, men may want to consider using garlic, because this is a very effective natural antifungal solution. Eating fresh garlic or purchasing capsules from the nearest pharmacy will certainly boast the same beneficial effects in regards to treating foreskin yeast infections.
  • Men may also combine half a cup of salt and half a cup of vinegar in a warm bath and then soak for around twenty minutes.
  • Another natural solution involves painting tea tree oil, which is a natural antifungal, on the affected area on a daily basis.
  • Oregano and olive leaf herbal supplements may be used with great results for fighting off Candida.
  • Painting the area can also be done with yogurt. Yogurt contains healthy bacteria which is very helpful in fighting the Candida yeast.
  • Lastly, the affected area needs to be kept dry and clean.

With that being said, these are the main tips men need to keep in mind if they want to effectively treat foreskin yeast infection. Good luck to all in implementing them!

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