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Type of Underwear that Increase Chances of Yeast Infection

Women underwear and yeast infection

Women Underwear and Yeast Infection Fact

It is a known fact that yeast infection is common in women. It is said that women who wear tight underwear and non cotton underwear are at high risk of getting yeast infection. Many women who suffer from recurrent yeast infection are interested in knowing how to avoid yeast infection. They are ready to make changes in their under clothing to avoid the pain and discomforts caused by yeast infection. They are eager to know if the nylon underwear or spandex underwear or the sexy silk panties that they wear cause yeast infection. They want to know they should or should not wear underwear. Are you one among them? If so, read further to get answer to all your questions and some tips on cleaning underwear to avoid repeated yeast infection.

Can cotton cause yeast infections?

Cotton can breathe. This is the biggest benefit of cotton. It does not absorb and hold moisture. It allows air to pass through it. This keeps the vaginal area cool and dry. Although cotton absorbs moisture, it does not keep the area damp because cotton has the capacity to absorb 20% of its own weight. It has a tendency to keep the moisture away from the skin. It does not increase the temperature in the vagina. Without the heat and moisture, yeast cells find it difficult to thrive. Cotton underwear decreases the risk of yeast infections to a large extent. Go for cotton underwear or at least cotton underlined underwear to avoid yeast infections.

Can nylon underwear cause yeast infection?

It is true that nylon underwear is easy to wash and gets dried very quickly, but nylon underwear can cause yeast infections. Nylon underwear has the property to trap heat and moisture. Warm and wet environment help yeast cells to thrive and also to multiply at a fast rate. Nylon does not breathe and does not allow air to enter the body. Nylon is the breeding ground for the yeast cells that cause vaginal yeast infection.

Can spandex underwear cause yeast infection?

Spandex is also called as Lycra and it is one of the most used fabrics to make lingerie There are many people who prefer spandex underwear because of its stretchability and elasticity It can stretch up to 600% more than its size. It fits your body as a second skin. There is no need to worry about sizes. Any size would fit you perfectly. You need not worry if you gain a few extra pounds. You need not buy a bigger size. Spandex panties will fit you even if you put on weight. The problem about spandex underwear is that it is a synthetic fiber with a plastic base. It absorbs moisture. The synthetic fiber increases the temperature of the vaginal area. These are the main reasons for the growth of yeast cells. Spandex underwear must be avoided if you want to get rid of yeast infection.

Can microfiber panties cause yeast infection?

Microfiber panties do not have a long history. They are new additions to the lingerie industry. Although it is a synthetic fiber, it shares many advantages of cotton underwear. It is breathable. It is airy. It does not allow the moisture to remain in the skin. It is soft and comfortable to wear. It can stretch and it is an added advantage. It does not increase the body temperature, but keeps you cool. It does not cause allergies. It is easy to wash. Although microfiber keeps you cool, it is definitely hotter than cotton. That is why it is the second best option in spite of its varied benefits.

Can silk panties cause yeast infection?

Silk has a sexy and rich look. It is preferred by many women because it has a seductive and cool look. Silk is considered to be the symbol of luxury. Women who like to dress up luxuriously love to wear silk clothes. Silk panties are no exception. Is it advisable to wear silk panties? Silk is better than cotton and spandex because it is breathable and allows air to enter. It keeps the skin cool. The drawback about silk is it absorbs moisture easily and may keep the skin damp. Dampness is a friend of yeast cells. Silk is expensive. There is no logic in spending a lot of bucks when you have the cheap and best cotton. It can be used for special occasions but not for daily use.

It is clear that cotton is the best material for underwear if you want to avoid yeast infection. Non cotton underwear may provide the best breeding ground. It is better to avoid them. It is better to wear loose cotton undergarments to say goodbye to yeast infection. Cotton panties should be washed and maintained with utmost care to get rid of the yeast cells.

Can wet underwear cause yeast infection?

Wet underwear is one of the main causes for the yeast cells to breed and thrive. It is important to change into dry underwear after a swim. In summer when it sweats a lot, it is better to change into fresh underclothes at least twice a day.

How to clean your underwear after yeast infection?

To avoid recurrent yeast infections you have to clean your underwear with great care. Yeast cells can live in your underwear. It may multiply and may cause recurrent infection if not cleaned properly. Normal washing may not kill the yeast cells in your underwear. You should wash your underwear with antibacterial soap. It is better to boil the panties for at least 5 minutes in hot boiling water. Never use scented detergents. Scented detergents contain chemicals that promote the growth of yeast cells.

Is it necessary to iron the underwear?

Hot iron may kill the yeast cells, but too much heat may damage your underwear. Little heat may not be sufficient to kill the disease causing yeast cells. Although ironing is a good option, microwaving the underwear is a better option. The heat and the microwaves transmitted from the microwaves are more effective in killing the yeast cells.

Should wearing underwear be avoided?

It is better to leave your private parts open. When it is not covered, vagina remains cool and dry. In reality it is not possible to remain without underwear through out the day. You cannot wear short skirts without wearing underwear. You can avoid underwear during the nights. Going to sleep without your underwear helps in avoiding yeast infection.

It is clear that underwear does increase the chances of yeast infection. If you cannot avoid underwear, you should wear dry and freshly laundered cotton underclothes. Avoid tight fitting synthetic underwear. They are the breeding ground for yeast cells.

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